These talks are edited from a set of CDs including many of Kobun's talks at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. In general the talks were edited for convenient use on the internet; i.e., gaps/silences cut, and AIFF-C format changed to mp3. These changes resulted in about a ten-fold reduction in access time, bandwidth and storage requirements.

The original CDs included about 35 individual files from which 29 are included in this collection. The talks range in length from just a few minutes to 45 minutes; the original talks were generally longer. In many cases the additional content was not relevant to Kobun or his teachings, as described below.

In listening, you may hear abrupt transitions in background noise due usually to my amplifications mitigating Kobun's moving away from the mike, or to some distant question that is barely audibly on the original.

Several of the original talks did not include Kobun, e.g., 2, 5, 6, 12 and 13. Talk 2 is a chant and is included, but talks 5 and 6 were by other speakers and are not included. Talks 12 and 13, not included, were occasioned by Naropa events that included Kobun, but his talk in them was incidental and honorific of the event.

Since most of talk 18 was concerned with student arrangements for dokusan, that portion is not included here.

Talks 20 and 21 are not included, as not being relevant to Kobun.

Starting with Talk 22, the Tape number on the CD is included in the literal web address (URL) of the talk. In most cases there were two talks on a CD, so the Tape number stays the same for each.

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